About Us Overview

Our Genesis
Guidewire Systems, Inc. was formed in 2001 to provide individuals with an all-inclusive process and the personal coaching support they need to succeed in their life – career and personal finances. In a fast paced – challenging world, our research uncovered legions of motivated – bright – well educated – aspiring men and women who are finding it more and more difficult to succeed on their own wits or on the advice of a few friends or family members. What if we could provide them with a structured step-by-step process that included all of the resources, proven techniques and even affordable personal coaching they needed to succeed both within and outside of organizational environments? Believing all things are possible, Guidewire Systems assembled a brain trust of psychologists, behaviorists, career development experts, personal finance specialists, educators, and technologists to develop a truly unique – highly personalized life – career and financial success service. Following years of meticulous program development, MyGuidewire was born.

It’s Your Life and Career
We just make them better! Whether you recognize it or not, you are the CEO in charge of managing your own life and career – MyGuidewire is here to serve as your board of advisors. Just like a corporate CEO needs the collective wisdom of a board, a staff of experts and powerful technology to achieve organizational goals, individuals today need similar expertise and resources to purposefully realize their life – career and financial ambitions.

Doing the Right Things Right is the Secret to a Better Life
Why work harder and run faster when you can channel your efforts a little bit smarter to enjoy much better results? Everyone has a genuine opportunity to improve their life – career – financial outcomes simply by concentrating their unique personal strengths on what matters most. MyGuidewire provides the process, reassurance and assistance required to cleverly align all of your personal “wood” (natural talents – motivated abilities – learned knowledge and transferable skill sets) behind carefully aimed “arrow points” (specific goals – important to you personally) to help you get wherever you want to go more easily – more effectively.

Our Vision
To channel and realize the true human potential of all individuals we serve. To help them ‘help themselves’ with humor, patience, wisdom, optimism, and an open heart. To make their personal and professional dreams come true, to make themselves and their families proud, and to be there every step of the journey — this is what energizes us every day and inspires us to excel.

Our Goal
To become America’s leading provider of all-inclusive Life – Career and Financial Success Services with an uncompromising dedication to our individual members.

Join Us!
We are passionate about helping individuals succeed and get more out of life. MyGuidewire is a unique resource – one that can truly help you and those you care about. We invite you to become a member today and to spread the word that MyGuidewire is here to make a difference.