Frequently Asked Questions



Question: What exactly are Career & Life Advancement Services?

Answer: A powerful blend of interactive online technology and personalized coaching to help you succeed in every dimension of your life. Research finds that even the brightest – best educated people tend to make important career and life decisions on the basis of partial information. We help you get all the information you need and convert it into actionable intelligence including: – how to transform your motivated abilities into competitive strengths – how to choose the best career – create personal action plans – get preferred jobs – expertly implement your plans – manage personal finances – accumulate wealth and acquire essential life skills. Where all other career or life assistance services in the market are interventional and fragmented, ours is process driven and integrated.

Question: What type of services and support can I expect from MyGuidewire?

Answer: Our focus is on YOU! MyGuidewire’s comprehensive suite of services will help you achieve success in every arena of your life. The first step is our “Personal Growth and Development Facilitator” designed to guide you through a series of assessments and introspective exercises that will heighten your current level of self-awareness. Once you have a deeper understanding of yourself, our “Career Development” and “Job Procurement” modules will guide you through a structured process of exploring and selecting your best-fit career channel, and securing meaningful positions within it. In “Strategic Planning,” you will be presented with the tools to help you set attainable, measurable, and achievable goals, made infinitely easier and more effective through the use of the dynamic control panels in “Achievement & Performance Monitoring.” Complete with budgetary planning tools, interpersonal and intrapersonal courses devoted to boosting your emotional intelligence, and expert life coaches on hand to support and guide you every step of the way, we are confident MyGuidewire provides exactly what you need to get your career and life on track to a brighter future.

My college graduation date is fast approaching and I am starting to feel stressed and confused about what’s next. Can MyGuidewire help me transition into the “real world”? 

Answer: You bet! Our service modules give you exactly what you need to develop a detailed plan for success in your personal and professional life – we call it work-life readiness. Beginning by providing you with the tools to develop a strong sense of who you are and where your unique talents lie, we help you set complementary goals as well as achieve them, while assisting you in discovering your best-fit career channel and securing a position within it. And not only do we help you make the transition, we provide you with the methodology and the tools you need to stay on track and achieve your goals long after graduation. You also get the individual support you need when you need it from a team of dedicated career and life coaches, as well as a valuable brush-up on the “real world” skills which will help you achieve that which you desire.

Aren’t we each individually responsible for developing our own career and life? Why would someone need a service to help them?

Answer: In a simpler age an individual could leisurely develop his career and life with the advice of a few friends or family members. In the complex fast-changing information age we live in, much greater expertise is required. That is where MyGuidewire steps in to help! We aren’t proposing that the age old practice of self-help or self-reliance is no longer necessary; in today’s world it’s insufficient. When an individual gains access to state of the art tools – resources – expertise and personalized coaching they can magnify what they could accomplish on their own exponentially. Often a another perspective or second opinion makes all the difference in the world

I am worried that I will never find work that makes me happy. Can MyGuidewire help me find and get meaningful jobs?

Answer: Absolutely! Studies show that the happiest, most successful workers are employed in positions that fit their intrinsic personality and allow them to express their motivated abilities naturally. Through our Personal Growth and Development Facilitator, MyGuidewire can help hone and sharpen your level of personal awareness and then through successive modules aid you in discovering your best fit career channel, and securing desirable positions within it.

I have access to all the free data on the web and can post my resume on any job site. What can MyGuidewire do that a free job site cannot? 

Answer: You get what you pay for and with MyGuidewire you get a lot more. Where job sites are disjointed and interventional, our career and life advancement services are integrated and process oriented. Not only does this powerful approach provide you with the tools and methodology to help you explore and select a career channel, we provide you access to America’s largest online job bank so you can secure positions consistent with your career plans. In addition we provide personalized – fully informed coaching to calmly and carefully guide you through the employment process and help you succeed going forward.

How effective is speaking with a coach over the phone and through email versus a face-to-face meeting?

Answer: Think of how busy you are and the limited time you have to travel to a coach’s office given a crowded career/life schedule. Actually research and experience indicate most people prefer telephonic and email communications with a coach rather than a face-to-face meeting. In addition you gain access to a broader range of coaching talent than might be available in your home town. MyGuidewire coaches are trained professionals who specialize in phone and electronic communications and have the added advantage of staying right up with who you are – where you are and where you want to go by having confidential internet access to your electronically stored career and life advancement records.

Can my personal coach access my MyGuidewire records?

Answer: Yes. All personal information stored in your MyGuidewire career and life advancement electronic record systems is confidential and password protected. Once you select a coach s/he will be notified and given access to your records on a need-to-know basis. You will also be assigned an individual Member Services Assistant (MSA) who will have restricted access to your records for the purpose of providing you with individualized support and assistance whenever you need it.

If I don’t like the personal life or career coach I selected, can I change him/her?

Answer: Yes. MyGuidewire’s focus is always on you and ensuring you have the best resources you need to reach your goals. If at any point you feel that your coach is not right for you, you can simply select another one from our experienced group, and all of your MyGuidewire records, email communications and notes taken by your former coach will be automatically transferred to the new one so that you can continue exactly where you left off. Access to your records by your former coach will be discontinued upon transfer to your new coach.

How does someone with a full-time job use MyGuidewire services? How much time will I need to devote to MyGuidewire?

Answer: We have created our services to be completely self-paced and self-directed so that you can use them where and when it is convenient for you. All you need is the motivation and a computer with an Internet connection to begin taking the steps to a brighter future. Our systems are designed so that you can always break from an activity and then easily pick up where you left off. As an added convenience, our coaches are available to speak to you at night and on the weekends to better accommodate your busy schedule.

I understand that MyGuidewire can help me get to where I want to go, but how can MyGuidewire help me stay there?

Answer: This is exactly how MyGuidewire is different from any other career or life assistance service available today. Our services are designed as a comprehensive suite to aid you anywhere from job procurement to goal setting to managing your finances, thereby providing you whatever it is you need today and in the future. When things are not going well, we will help you fix them. When life is great, we will help you stay on track to achieving your goals Along the way, MyGuidewire gives you access to a career and life coach who can supply the expert advice you need to make valuable changes in your life, or the motivation you need to keep up the good work.

How can the life skills e-learning portion of MyGuidewire’s services help me? Do the courses come with MyGuidewire membership? Also, I have such a busy schedule when can I find the time to learn and grow?

Answer: MyGuidewire provides online access to courses on critically important life skills not taught in formal education to increase your workplace effectiveness and emotional intelligence and provide you with a key competitive advantage in the “real world.” Our e-book learning courses are both self-paced and self-directed, which means you can complete them at your own convenience in as many sessions as you want or, if you prefer you can even print to learn while you are commuting traveling or just resting on the beach.

Why should I continue MyGuidewire membership?

Answer: MyGuidewire is focused not simply on getting you where you want to go, but on helping you stay there! Let’s face it, people’s circumstances – goals and priorities change constantly. Maintaining focus and self-confidence are critically important as you encounter new opportunities, shocks – surprises and disappointments. MyGuidewire’s services are designed to help you over the long term, and meet your ever-changing needs.

You will be collecting a lot of personal information about me. How can I be sure that this information will be held confidential? Is your website secure so that no outsiders can get access to my information?

Answer: MyGuidewire has taken every step to ensure your privacy will always be protected. We are a member of TRUST-e which provides the highest level of privacy protection available on the Internet today. Your information will be restricted to your life coach and member services assistant on a need-to-know, confidential basis. Please review our privacy policy for further information. Member privacy is our top priority; we do not share or sell individual member information to any other parties.